Our Mission

The mission of the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition is to grow the cultural assets in the County.

The Coalition’s immediate responsibility is to distribute funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust to local arts, history, heritage, humanities organizations and cultural creatives.

About the Coalition
& the Oregon Cultural Trust

The Clackamas County Cultural Coalition is one of 45 county and tribal-based local networks in Oregon whose primary function is to re-grant an annual appropriation from The Oregon Cultural Trust (culturaltrust.org). The trust was established in 2002 to support arts, heritage, and humanities across Oregon, and is currently the only funding mechanism of this kind in the United States.

The goal/mission of our Coalition is to grow the cultural assets of Clackamas County. The Coalition is led by local members whose primary function is to represent local arts, heritage, and humanities interests and to distribute funds according to the priorities identified in this cultural plan. The Coalition receives between $20–50,000 a year from the Trust.

The intention is to see this amount grow as contributions to the Trust increase. The Clackamas County Arts Alliance provides administrative staff support to the Coalition.

Vision & Values

We envision a Clackamas County that embodies the following ideals:

  • Culture is highly recognized for its inherent values and ability to support community needs, including education, health, and community and economic development.
  • Arts, heritage, history and humanities in all forms are highly visible and accessible.
  • Social, cultural, and ethnic diversity create pride. Diversity is visible and valued as creating essential vibrancy for communities. We are serving new areas of our communities.
  • People from all parts of the County are actively participating in cultural activities and organizations. This may be as creatives, makers, volunteers, board members, donors, teachers, students, legislators and more. We are demonstrating that access to local cultural resources strengthens communities.
  • Including arts and culture in all forms of community development is the norm, not the exception. Arts and cultural centers and gathering places are prominent and popular in every community.

Cultural Assets

Clackamas County is rich with cultural assets. The following were mostcommonly mentioned through the public engagement process.

  • The history and heritage of the people—past and present—are unique strengths of the County
  • There is a wide variety of artists, arts, heritage/cultural organizations, attractions and events
  • The County’s libraries and parks provide public gathering spaces and need to be developed, utilized and supported
  • Natural/geographic diversity is considered the County’s most outstanding characteristic and a source of great pride. Our natural environments shape communities and local economies, and inspire cultural expression