Micro Grants


In 2024, the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition will not be distributing Micro Grants.

The Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Micro Grant is made possible by funding from the Oregon Cultural Trust. It is intended to provide support outside of the annual project grant cycle. Any County-based individual or organization with a need related to arts, heritage or humanities AND their need aligns with at least one of the Coalition’s Funding Priorities may apply for Micro Grant assistance.


Applications are closed at this time.

Grants are based on a calendar year and proposed activities must take place within same calendar year as request.

Status: OPEN

Award Limit: Up to $750 per applicant

Please read the Funding Priorities and review the Cultural Plan prior to applying for a Micro Grant.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Individuals living in Clackamas County;
  • Organizations physically located in Clackamas County with a Clackamas County mailing address;
  • Prior Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Project Grant recipients who are current on all agreements and have submitted all required final grant reports.

Applicants receiving funds from this program will not be eligible to apply again for a period of 12 months from the date of the final report submission to Cultural Coalition.


  • Project Grant recipients cannot apply for a Micro Grant for the same project.
  • Applicants receiving funds from the Micro Grant program may apply again for a Micro Grant 12 months from the date of the final report submission to Cultural Coalition.
  • Funding requests for general operations are not eligible
  • Requests for funding endowments are not eligible.
  • Hospitality (e.g.: alcohol or other food/beverage related expenses) are not eligible
  • If the grant benefits a minor under the age of 18, an adult representative must complete the application and final report.

Guidelines & Application Process

  • Request up to $750
  • Projects must result in measurable outcomes within at least ONE Funding Priority. Funding Priorities directly underscore the coalition’s mission, vision, and values. Projects and organizations should focus on supporting/growing local assets and removing barriers to cultural participation;
    • Increase how local culture is valued and supported
    • Support the creation of, or participation in, cultural projects and activities
    • Stimulate partnerships and collaborations that grow capacities to support assets and remove barriers. We include here partnerships that support cultural tourism
    • Work closely with local governments, businesses, and other entities to embed local culture in community development
    • Grow communications capacity for cultural groups, organizations, and artists/creatives
  • Must demonstrate why Micro Grant assistance is critical and beneficial for the organization or individual at this time
  • Cost or budget must be reasonably appropriate for the specific need or opportunity
  • Applications are processed on first come, first served basis until annual fund balance reaches zero
  • Coalition may request additional support information to assist in evaluation process
  • Proposed activities must take place within the same calendar year as request
  • Award recipients are required to submit a final report within 30 days of completion
  • Micro Grant applicants are eligible to apply for a Cultural Coalition Project Grant during the regular fall funding cycle


To ensure fairness in the distribution of limited funds, all applications are reviewed by a subcommittee of Coalition members who make funding recommendations.