Before Filling Out Online Application

The online application for project grants will include the following questions:

  •   Applicant Information
  •   Application Overview

    • Amount of grant request
    • Title
    • Summary
    • Start and end dates
    • Identify with which funding priority your proposal aligns
    • How does your project advance any of the Coalition’s indicators?
  •  Narrative
    • Describe the need, problem or gap in arts, heritage or humanities in Clackamas County that your project will address
    • Tell us how your project will meet the need, problem or gap you just described. This includes your goals and activities.
    • When will your project happen? Provide a brief timeline with objectives you hope to accomplish.
    • How many people will benefit from your project?
    • If your project impacts a specific population, describe the population.
    • Provide a bulleted list of your partners. Describe how each supports your project.
    • Describe your plan for tracking the progress and results of your project.
    • Have you received a Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Grant before?
      • List the year(s) and project(s) of your previous grants.
  • Project Budget
    • Expenses – details about cost(s) associated with request
    • Revenue Sources– details about revenue sources supporting your request
    • Explain how you will proceed with your project, if you do not receive the full amount of your request.
  • If applicable, you will be asked to provide a year-to-date P&L or budget and prior year P&L or budget
  • Supplemental Materials (up to 5 supplemental documents or images-maximum 10 printed pages total)

Acceptable Supplemental Materials are limited to:
– Letters of Support
– Partnership Agreements
– Bids/Quotes for Service
– Bios/Resumes
– Other (Materials to explain or support your project)
– Vimeo/YouTube links

**Carefully consider the supplemental materials you send. Strong support letters, sample renderings, positive press clippings, quotes, project bids, or other documents which support your request will enhance your application. A couple of strong supporting documents are more valuable than five marginal supplemental pieces.