Applications for 2021 are now closed.
Please check back in Fall of 2021 for 2022 grant application.

Before Filling Out Online Application

The online application for project grants will include the following questions:

  •   Applicant Information
  •   Application Overview

    • Amount of grant request
    • Title
    • Summary
    • Start and end dates
    • Identify with which funding priority your proposal aligns
    • How does your project advance any of the Coalition’s indicators?
  •  Narrative
    • Describe the need, problem or gap in arts, heritage or humanities in Clackamas County that your project will address
    • Tell us how your project will meet the need, problem or gap you just described. This includes your goals and activities.
    • When will your project happen? Provide a brief timeline with objectives you hope to accomplish.
    • How many people will benefit from your project?
    • If your project impacts a specific population, describe the population.
    • Provide a bulleted list of your partners. Describe how each supports your project.
    • Describe your plan for tracking the progress and results of your project.
    • Have you received a Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Grant before?
      • List the year(s) and project(s) of your previous grants.
  • Project Budget
    • Expenses – details about cost(s) associated with request
    • Revenue Sources– details about revenue sources supporting your request
    • Explain how you will proceed with your project, if you do not receive the full amount of your request.
  • If applicable, you will be asked to provide a year-to-date P&L or budget and prior year P&L or budget
  • Supplemental Materials (up to 5 supplemental documents or images-maximum 10 printed pages total)

Acceptable Supplemental Materials are limited to:
– Letters of Support
– Partnership Agreements
– Bids/Quotes for Service
– Bios/Resumes
– Other (Materials to explain or support your project)
– Vimeo/YouTube links

**Carefully consider the supplemental materials you send. Strong support letters, sample renderings, positive press clippings, quotes, project bids, or other documents which support your request will enhance your application. A couple of strong supporting documents are more valuable than five marginal supplemental pieces.