Cultural Plan Summary

The Cultural Plan guides the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition, and specifically identifies priorities for the distribution of funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust to lay a foundation for supporting culture in Clackamas County.

We are focused on building the capacity of local cultural organizations and supporting individuals to enrich the cultural life of the County.

Funding priorities support projects that specifically build cultural infrastructure, sustain and grow local assets, and remove barriers to cultural participation. Under-valuing of our cultural assets is seen as a primary barrier to supporting and sustaining local culture. Priorities specifically implement the Coalition’s vision, which is built around key values of:

  • increasing public recognition and valuing of local culture
  • acknowledging the vibrancy that social, cultural and ethnic diversity bring
  • increasing public participation in local culture
  • supporting the inclusion of arts and culture in every community

These priorities and all other key elements of the plan come from public feedback gathered through a seven-month planning process.