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2022 Project Grant Guidelines

Please read through Guidelines (see below), Funding Priorities, and Application Information before starting the application.

Timeline for 2022 Grants

  • September 7, 2021 – Project Grant Applications Open
  • October 8, 2021, 11:59 pm – Deadline to Apply
  • November, 2021 TBD — Grant Review Meeting (Zoom)
  • January 2022 – Award Notifications Sent
  • January 31, 2022 – Award Agreements Due
  • February 2022 – Award Checks Mailed

Project Grant Program Overview 

  • Minimum Project Grant Request:  $751.00.
  • Maximum Project Grant Request: $2,500.00.
  • A post-project narrative and financial report, will be required of all grant recipients 30 days after completion of project or use of grant funds.  The Final Report should include photos and / or other documentation demonstrating the use of the award.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Organizations physically located in Clackamas County with a Clackamas County mailing address
  • Individuals who live or work in Clackamas County who have partnered with a Clackamas County-based organization as a co-applicant
  • Organizations located in Oregon with a project that clearly benefits Clackamas County residents, demonstrates strong community support and county partnerships may be eligible to apply. Please contact us to confirm eligibility before applying
  • Prior Clackamas County Cultural Coalition grant recipients who are current on all agreements and have submitted all required reports
  • Nonprofit tax-exempt status is not required

Qualifying Projects

OPERATING SUPPORT – Due to the impact of COVID-19 on cultural organizations, 2022 Clackamas County Cultural Coalition grants will be available for operating support as well as projects.

Applicants who apply for a project grant are not eligible to apply for an operating support grant for the same year.  If applying for a grant for operating support, your organization must show history and longevity, and convincingly demonstrate that it has the ability to survive into 2021 and beyond.

  • Applicants who apply for an operating support grant are not eligible to apply for a project grant for the same year.
  • Requests for projects must be related to arts, heritage or humanities, respond to the Cultural Plan vision and help forward Coalition’s goals.
  • Projects must align with the key values of the Coalition;
    • Increase public recognition and value of local culture
    • Acknowledge the vibrancy that social, cultural and ethnic diversity bring
    • Increase public participation in local culture
    • Support the inclusion of arts and culture in every community
  • Projects must result in measurable outcomes within at least ONE Funding Priority. Funding Priorities directly underscore the coalition’s mission, vision, and values. Projects and organizations should focus on supporting/growing local assets and removing barriers to cultural participation:
    • Increase how local culture is valued and supported,
    • Support the creation of, or participation in, cultural projects and activities,
    • Stimulate partnerships and collaborations that grow capacities to support assets and remove barriers. We include here partnerships that support cultural tourism,
    • Work closely with local governments, businesses, and others to embed local culture in community development, and
    • Grow communications capacity for cultural groups, organizations, and artists/creatives.
  • Partnerships and collaborations should be evident – it shows community support and viability of a project.
  • Applicant’s financial support and budget should be closely reviewed, with the expectation that all applicants will provide some matching funds and/or in-kind contributions toward their project’s success. If the proposed project is intended as part of a larger concept, evidence of financial sustainability beyond this project grant period will be required
  • Capital projects which increase the participation in arts, heritage or humanities may be considered. Please contact us to confirm eligibility before applying
  • Applicants must be in good standing and all final reports from prior award cycles must be submitted before any future awards are released
  • Projects must be completed within the calendar year applying for
  • Final Report must be submitted within 30 days of project completion


  • Those whose 2021 projects have been granted waiver extensions are not eligible to apply for a 2022 project grant for the same project.
  • Endowment support is not eligible.
  • Hospitality (e.g.: alcohol or other food/beverage related expenses are not eligible)
  • If the grant benefits a minor under the age of 18, an adult representative must complete the application and final report.
  • Read FAQs before applying

If you have questions about eligibility or restrictions please contact grant administrator at 503-655-0525.

Orientation – Cancelled due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, the free Grant Orientation has been cancelled. For specific questions regarding Project Grants or this year’s application, please contact or call 503-655-0525.

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